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2009 New Year


          Reviewing 2009, looking forward to 2010, New Year's Celebration of HYTSU GROUP was held on December 25th, 2009. The company's chairman and CEO invite staff to have lunch together
         Company's CEO (Mr.Hu) made an important speech in the lunch. He congratulated the staff of HYTSU on their brilliant achievements in the past year,  expressed his appreciation to everyone for their efforts in the past years, and rewarded excellent employees. 
         The Management Center also organized an entertainment with numerous opportunities and lots of prizes, which was high praised by staff. Company’s leaders even sang some songs on-site for everyone. Other employees participate actively in the performance, hailing for the company and themselves.
         All of us were delighted by our company’s harvest of this year. I would like to quote a famous phrase here from Mr Sun Yisen - "The revolution has not been carried out yet successfully and all the comrades still need to work" to my colleagues for mutual encouragement, blessing our company's performance more flourishing in the coming days.


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